The Guardian publish their own Lenin’s Testament, and suddenly the penny drops

Like Lenin’s promotion for Stalin to General Secretary, The Guardian helped lay the foundations for the cult of personality that now surrounds and engulfs Julian Assange. Yet with the very telling revelations leaked over the weekend, and his personal anger and upset towards former friends, perhaps now is a shift in, what will ultimately be, the turning point in his history.

Those who said Assange had a pro-transparency, anti-corruption, and (most importantly) a self-less agenda, should realise their mistakes very quickly. Assange had stopped speaking to Nick Davies, one of his greatest supporters, after Davies published the rape allegations in The Guardian. So transparency is fine, as long as its not on the other foot, with the tables turned. It is fitting and unsurprising, considering the absurdity of this entire case, that it is the previously Assange-promoting Guardian that reveals more damning details of these rape allegations than The Daily Mail did a few weeks ago. Importantly The Guardian reveals the explicit accusations he faces and denies, it states that “Assange had stopped her by holding her arms and pinning her legs,” and that “Assange had “done something” with the condom that resulted in it becoming ripped, and ejaculated without withdrawing.” It is worrying that so many celebrities, blindly, are locking hands with him in what could soon be a rollercoaster that will crash to the floor.

It’s good to see that Assange’s stay in Wandsworth hasn’t lessened his delusions, and now his paranoia has increased as well. In The Times interview (as well as, rather insultingly, comparing his persecution to that of the Jews), he says that “The leak of the police report to The Guardian was clearly designed to undermine my bail application,” which is bizarre when the allegations weren’t printed in The Guardian until Saturday. Assange proposes that Mark Stephens, his lawyer, “flubbed a line” when suggesting that the case was set about to ensnare him. To me this seems like a step towards what will ultimately be his own admission of guilt. It is uncharacteristic (at least by what I’ve read of the man thus far) for him to sidestep and flip-flop on a line of attack like this. It is true that it was his lawyer’s words and not his own, yet this lack of unity surprised me.

Assange complains that the allegations printed in The Guardian were selectively printed. If the hypocrisy isn’t bothering you enough, then perhaps we need to consider the larger picture. The Guardian’s self-righteousness is unparalleled by all except The Independent, but there is no chance that the paper would turn so severely if they did not have damning and complete evidence. Yes the leaked allegations were selective, but I have no doubt that based on all information Davies read, he considered Assange to be guilty. The Guardian have turned with their own Lenin’s Testament. It is with this, combined with Assange now denying political motivation, that I believe we are now witnessing the beginning of the end.

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