Friday Morning Diary

Two standout moments in last night’s Question Time were Cristina Odone’s emotional anger at the treatment of her family by the NHS and Michael Howard, in general. Odone gave a tragic reminder that the NHS is far from perfect, and she wasted in a Liverpool audience. Michael Howard reminded me of what little I know of him as Conservative leader: he puts forward brilliant arguments that I agree with entirely, but in one of the most unconvincing ways. When you consider Howard was leader just before Cameron, it’s no wonder everyone got so excited about Dave for such a while. The leaders couldn’t be further apart in style or delivery.

I watched “Prozac Nation” last night, a film about a teenager’s battle with depression. It is horrendously bleak throughout but undeniably good. There are moments when you are truly reminded what it’s like to be a teenager. At one point she shouts and swears at her mother until the mother is about to cry, the daughter walks off and suddenly the voiceover says ‘I say the exact opposite of what I wanted to.’ With a film that could so easily have ended in suicide, I was rooting for the protagonist throughout. At the end we learn that the film is based on a memoir by a journalist and writer: Elizabeth Wurtzel. Turns our Wurtzel has been a journalist since that film and done pretty well for herself. One article of hers I read last night, “Standing against a tide of hatred” deals with the problems of being both a “left-leaning liberal” and a Jew who supports Israel. Don’t bother reading the comments from the Comment Makes You Free because they fulfil everything she accuses the pro-Palestinians of.

In the blogosphere, Guido kept banging on yesterday about the Yes campaign’s smoking gun, I might register to postal vote for the referendum, if I still can, because I’m so bored of it that I’m not sure I can be bothered walking up the street to vote No (although I will obviously). Dizzy wrote a sort-of-am, sort-of-am-not retiring from blogging on Wednesday as his new job is going to take precedence. Best of luck to him in the future, it’s been a pleasure reading him over the past few years. It’s good to see High Tory blog a few times this week as his entries have been few and far between recently. And Daniel Hannan writes that we should never have bailed out the banks.

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