Stony Stratford stands up to authoritarianism

I’ve mentioned a couple of times over the past fortnight the proposed street-wide smoking band in Stony Stratford, not far from Milton Keynes. Fellow liberty-lovers were repulsed and then applauded when Dick Puddlecote organised a rally.

That rally took place this past rain-soaked Saturday. Between Dick’s estimations and the BBC’s between 100 and 200 people showed up with umbrellas and placards to defend personal freedoms.

“And excellent each of them was too. Bill Etheridge with his Churchillian reference; non-smoking Patrick Hayes waving a Gauloise (which I later smoked) and emphasising the threat to wider liberty this posed; David Odell speaking passionately of his deep love for the town as a family-run business owner, and how Bartlett’s plan threatens its prosperity; and Roger Helmer promising to smoke a cigarette on the High Street if Bartlett gets his way on Tuesday. When Nigel arrived 30 minutes later he was, well, Nigel. Passionate, articulate, direct, and still forthright in his view that anti-smoking legislation has almost become a parody of itself.”

from “An outbreak of people power in Stony Stratford

Well done to all of those involved, it was an honourable cause and I wish I could have been there. I highly recommend reading Dick’s full account by following the link above.


Just found the speeches on YouTube:

Nigel Farage

Roger Helmer M.E.P.

Bill Etheridge

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