An update on my life

The silence on the blog has been noted. Not by many of course; blog silences are increasingly common. Often without any explanation I’ve seen my favourite blogs disappear. So I wanted to write a quick note on mine.

For the past few month’s I have been job searching for many reasons, not least of all because one of my main sources of income dried up late last year.

Two weeks ago, I started a new job at Hotwire, a PR agency in their marketing department. Amongst other activities, I will be writing on the company’s blog, and will be tweeting out the most interesting blogs from my personal Twitter account.

Now that the majority of my day isn’t spent in my bedroom, it means I have less time to blog personally. Not that I have been blogging regularly for the past two or three months anyway.

Blogging about politics has been a fantastic experience. It’s help mature my political opinions, work out where I stand on various things, rant about issues that bother me, and ultimately help get me noticed as an employable writer.

Blogging about politics takes a lot of special care. Writers’ egos are extraordinary; larger than most people’s, and yet mixed with a definite masochism. There’s a longing to know that you’re relevant. So blog statistics or analytics become second nature.

You recognise, therefore, that frequent blogging drives the number of regular readers up as your site gets bookmarked or added to RSS feeds. Blogging that frequently about politics is simply something I no longer have the time for.

So this blog is now going to take on a different role.

I will still blog about politics, but I will also be blogging about other things that interest me. Music, technology, film, drink, and cooking. Any of these subjects could be full blogs in their own right, but I will just be updating as and when I feel like it. There will be far less attention paid to WordPress statistics.

I will still be contributing a monthly political column for The Kernel and you can view my profile just here. I have, however, stopped my commitments to other sites – including The Freedom Association, whom I still greatly admire and support.

That’s it then from me for the time being, expect topics soon about whatever takes my fancy.

Edit: You will also notice that there is a new theme on the blog, I was bored of the old one.


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