Planning for a week away in France

Everyone is asking on Twitter – just what on earth are we all going to do with ourselves, once this thing is over? That’s a good question indeed. It’s got me thinking about an idea I toyed with earlier on this afternoon.

Last week at work, I put all my remaining holidays in for work. As I don’t have any actual holidays planned, I mostly went for the odd days but I got myself an entire week in November. And what am I going to do?

Originally, I was just going to hang around London and do a load of things that Londoners never do. But I can see what will happen with that – I just won’t do nearly as much as I should do.

So I was watching Rick Stein’s French Odyssey, as one does when there’s nothing decent on TV (almost always), and it got me thinking. Not for the first time, I realised how much I want to go to France. I’ve only ever done Paris before. Once a few years ago, which I loved, and once as a child (apparently) though my memory of that trip is about as good as my French.

French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David remains my cooking bible, and try as I might, I can’t decide on a region that I prefer. My gut goes with Provence, but quite why I’m not sure.

I am very much in the honest, homely and hearty food camp, which won’t be at all surprising considering Keith Floyd and Elizabeth David are my two food heroes. And with that in mind, whilst the food I ate in Paris was fantastic, what I really want to experience is authentic Provincial cooking.

So I am in the process of planning a trip to France in my week off. The only thing is it’s on a tiny budget. In that when I tweeted earlier asking what’s the cheapest possible way to get to and stay in France for a week, that remains my mission.

So if anyone has any tips or recommendations of somewhere to go (cheap being a kicker), recommend away.

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  1. Nathaniel Merrill


    I always enjoy your posts and regret you departed from The Freedom Association!

    Your French experience appears very limited but since you have been dreaming of Provence I suggest you start off there in a little village such as Moustiers Ste.Marie. Being August, you would never be too far from the Sea. With a very freshbaguette and half a dozen local cheeses from the market place and perhaps a little wine you could begin to absorb the French atmosphere. I am never in favour of elaborate planning.

    I would definitely avoid Paris in August. If you see “Midnight in Paris” you can skip Paris anyway. The north west coast of France would be cooler at this time of year. But why not go to Provence?

    Au revoir!

    Nat Merrill


    • Joshua Lachkovic

      Hi Nat,

      Thank you for your comment! Always nice to hear some positive feedback. I should have mentioned that this trip will be in November as that’s when I have a week off work, which a friend has pointed out won’t be the best time to visit Provence.

      Thank you for tips!

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