Notes on James Bond – Dr. No & From Russia with Love

So next month (October) is the 50th anniversary of Dr. No. As the sort of person who likes watching series’ in big and fast swoops, I’ve kinda decided to watch all the Bonds between now and then/when the next film is out, from the start.

And considering I can’t actually remember that many of them in that much detail, it’s actually quite fun. So I thought I’d share my thoughts on each film as I watch them.

Will update as I go.

Dr. No

Brilliant first Bond film. Really solid storyline, great action even if it obviously does look very dated. Great introduction to Spectre. Interestingly, I realise that I had forgotten almost all of the film, with the exception of the infamous Ursula Andress moment.

Bond’s Martinis: the first time explicitly referred to as ‘not stirred’ and the second with the infamous ‘shaken not stirred’ line.

From Russia with Love

Slow-paced. Far too much of it happened on a train, which doesn’t help pace. Felt a little formulaic in that – you think someone’s good, but then they’re bad, they almost kill Bond, he kills them, ad infinitum. Best moment was realising the Spectre storylines are ongoing, something I seem to have forgotten since childhood.

Martinis: None to recollection, though there was a smug (read: great) moment when Bond criticised one of his captors for drinking red wine with fish.

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