Notes on James Bond: Goldfinger


Fantastic, short and sweet pre-credits intro. Realised that this is the second film that the Dom Perignon ’53 has been brought up by name and year. Pocket squares alternative from square to triangles for the first time, and change throughout. DB5 introduced.

Martinis: 1

Sour Mash “but not too sweet please.”

The fight between Oddjob and Bond is brilliant.

Another great drinks exchange:
Felix: ‘Liquor for three’
Bond: ‘Who are the other two?’
Felix: ‘Oh there are no other two’

Overall, fantastic, best Bond out of the first three. Solid storyline, good lines, well-paced, the best story out of all of them even if the nuke Fort Knox plan does seem a little preposterous, although given the economic outcome, fascinating to consider.

Overarching feeling, however, that – if you are head of a criminal organisation/terrorist group – and you get a 00 agent in your hands, you’d probably just kill him.

Which leads me to the interesting point on ego, which seems to be a huge theme. If it wasn’t for the enemy’s ego in needing to impress Bond, then most of the time they’d get away with it. Likewise, if it wasn’t for Bond’s ego, he wouldn’t get ensnared by so many women so often, who typically lead to his downfall (and then so far, happily lead to his victory at the end).

Watching three in quick succession has made me see how formulaic they are.

Definite standout, however, will be hard to beat.


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