on food

I was having a conversation with a colleague last week, where we were both discussing our passion for food.

During that conversation, I said the following,

“When you’re at a dinner table with someone, there’s absolutely nothing else going on in the world apart from the conversation you’re having with that person, and the food that has brought you together. And when cooking at home, the ability to provide that – the setting, the delicious food, and to facilitate that conversation and mood – is wonderful.”


As such, this has rather inspired me to start writing about food as well.

One of the reasons that blogging/writing outside of work has taken such a toll is time. Of which, I wish that there was far, far more of it. So if at any stage, as almost every blogger does, I simply stop writing, you will know why.

I don’t plan the writing to be extensive, it will be very bloggy – the shorter and punchier it is, the more likely I am to do it – and if nothing else will hopefully act as a reminder of things I’ve cooked, eaten, and drank that I love or hate. And a mental memo of that kind is always nice.

So without much further ado, you can read the blog here: “Eggs Benedict and a glass of fizz.”

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